loveCAREER VS.LOVE a very tough words but people tend to be demented and unable to perceive the intend meanings.

Career is a chosen pursuit; A profession/ occupation for which you are trained. A vocation. A Calling.

Love a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Love is a versatile word. In  Love  tends to refer to the romantic kind of love.

Lots of us gets chaotic when to ask between love nor career.

Everything in the world is worthless until we attach our hearts to it. When deciding whether to give up your career we need to look at what is important to you. If your heart and soul lie within your career, STICK with it, but if your heart is in your relationship then that’s the route you need to take. As long as you pick the option that is meaningful to you, you will not regret it.

Careers are incredibly beneficial to our mental health if they are in an industry you truly care about. No person should ever ask you to give something up that you love. Constantly improving and growing, as a professional, provides endless amounts of self-esteem. If you are sacrificing something you truly love regardless if it’s your partner or your dream job, you are giving up a part of yourself. You need to ask yourself why are you choosing and who is making you choose.

We worked hard in life to earn a career so you deserve to reap the rewards. Our partner should not be preventing us from doing so, instead they should respect our ambitions and encourage us every step of the way. I am all for compromising and discussing things, but ultimatums are an absolute NO NO. In all honesty, is it ever worth giving up a career for someone that can betray you?


Young Adult or the New Generation at this time chose Love over Career. and Me at early 30’s chose BOTH . 

For me Career is an aspect of my life that gain me more independence, self-sufficiently and the lifestyle I’ve always envisioned. Relationship provides warm support, understanding and love.  

  I am happy with my relationship right now and with my career. I am just thankful and blessed that my Partner encouraged me and help me as a person. But we have to respect each other so you can be Good in Career and Love at the same time. We don’t let this things happen ,that we have to choose. we have to work on it and make sure its balance so you can have a Good Career and a Great Love.