Rules to Success

Success for me is a thing that accomplished or achieved desired aims.

We can’t aim for success nor achieve our goals without failures,being a loser And disappointments.Procrastination is the fear of success.

Every flop,defeated feeling and insufficient ideas and skills there’s always A learning on the end.

Here some of my favorites rules of success from different celebrities:

  1. Always have Strong Energy – for everything Mind & soul.
  2. Work Hard- put all efforts and doing all to complete tasks works 24/7 if possible 
  3. Enjoy what you do-you have to have a good time and love your work.
  4. Ask/seek for advice- to seek for advice and aks more information to create wide ideas and learnings .
  5. Pick good people-choosing people who make you feel positive increases the benefits.
  6. Don’t procrastinate-stop over complicated things.Get a grip and just do it.
  7. Have a sense of humor-the ability to appreciates joke.
  8. Seize your opportunity-to take immediate advantage or grasp the opportunity.
  9. BElieve-have confidence and faith on yourself ideas and skills.
  10. Run the race as hard as you can- Just be ambitious in anyways,be competitive if needed.
  11. Find your Purpose-Get more action. Your heart is the best tool to access your true purpose and passion.
  12. .Stay grounded -It means to not let success get to your head or get caught up in your         dreams. Keep your feet on the ground while looking to the sky, and don’t get caught up in fantasy. 

Success  for me is Hard work,perseverance and sacrifice.  My favorite quotes of success:

  • “If you don’t keep moving forward, you’ll always be in the same place.”
    ― Lillielyse Monsel
  • A positive attitude influences our behavior and dictates a successful approach.”
    ― Brian Michael Good
  • The penalty for success is to be bored by the people who used to snub you.”
    ― Nancy Astor the Viscountess Astor
  • “A successful business requires one simple thing: PASSION.”
    ― Teresa Collins, Live LIFE in All Caps: The Teresa Collins Story
  • Success is a big tree with many branches,but every tree needs strong roots to hold on harsh times that’s hardwork.”
    ― maya krishnamoorthy

If we fully rely on God, He guarantees our success.I believe on that! I’m almost there!.





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