Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s  Day to All!

To All mommy’s out there, This is your Very special Day!

To My Mom, Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for the family.

The moment  that I was born, from my first day of school, to my graduation, to my Oath taking and from the time I decided to leave Philippines and up to this day your always there for me and blessed to have you always . Your just  One call away even the distance is thousand miles you make me feel so close to you.

You never to fail to check on me even distance and timing is so different, waking up early back home just to message me and call me. and when I’m in pain or feeling anxious you make me feel better ,motivates me Day by day .

Your my best-friend, My teacher, My Financial Adviser, and My Counselor.

Your my Hero and We are So Lucky to have you Mom.

I love you and I miss you so much!.

Having you Mom is like A clear sky that gives me the unending smile and refreshing mind! 






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