Plus size bring it On!

We’re on the Year 2016 and people still talk about Pluz size issues.

Plus Size specifically for people who’s bodies are larger than the average person’s .Like in the fashion world size 12-24 are so called Plus size, So my size is 12 and definitely a plus size so you think it matter’s to me? Hell no! Although people i know from the past tells me that I put on weight and my size 10  looks good more than now,and my answers is Oh! Thank you but Am more happier and confident right now!.

Pluz size is not an issue in our society. but i don’t know why people loves to talk about it!. Nobody is perfect in this world, Either Your envious, your Unsatisfied and Unhappy  that is why you bother to talk about Plus Size!.

Just want you all to know whether your average weight over or under you are SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL.You guys are ALL amazing in your own way don’t you dare think less of your self and don’t compare yourself to someone else we are built differently for a reason so we will all look differently but never the less stunning.

Things we should know about Plus Size:

  • Eat whatever you want and still  people look at you-people become utterly fascinated by what you eat. They can’t possibly fathom how you made your body look the way it does, so they feel compelled to observe your eating habits.We don’t exactly have a figure to maintain, according to everyone else!
  • No annoying Flirty Guys- One of my friends (or should I say, acquaintances) let me in on this little secret: since society automatically deems plus size girls as completely repulsive – we never have to worry about being creepily hit on and wolf-whistled like skinny girls constantly are. We are so fortunate because guys aren’t constantly harassing us, and we don’t have to worry about stuff like that. The feeling of safety.
  • Save money on clothes because your are not tempted-I honestly don’t know how non-plus size girls do it: every store you walk into has your size. How do you all resist the urge to buy clothes constantly? Plus size girls are limited.Because we have so few options, we save tons of money compared to average sized girls who are constantly tempted by cute clothes in their size.
  • Many cultures prefer fuller woman Figure-beautiful women were round, curvy, plump, even downright fat.
  • Look at you Like a Big MOMMA-We look bigger and stronger and that’s  a plus point to guys who wants to Cuddle up all night!

I think most people are motivated to diet in order to fit a particular clothing size. That way lies madness, as sizes vary drastically, even within brands. Life is much simpler when clothes fit the person, rather than the other way around. And for plus-size people, finding the designs that complement the body is more than half the battle.

Be happier on what you look like. PLUZ SIZE BRING IT ON!PLUS SIZE



One thought on “Plus size bring it On!

  1. Most Men like women with a some meat on their bones. No matter what size you are, you’ll always be beautiful to me. If a man truly loves/cares about you, your physical size won’t be a determining factor.


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