Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a Christian evangelist and motivational speaker …Nick is born without legs and arms!.

I wanna share to all my readers the name of this inspirational person. if you haven’t seen or heard of him that I suggest you look him up on YouTube.Nick Vujicic.

The first time I watched one of his videos I knew this was a special person.

Words cannot describe the impact a couple of minutes video had on me.

He makes the most of his life and enjoys every moment despite his disabilities. Although I think if you ask him he has no disabilities.

The first time I seen him he was speaking to school kids. It’s his most famous video and rightly so.  You have to watch to understand. It’s moving, it’s inspirational, it’s special and it’s what we need more in a world of negativity. image

This is one of nick  messages, to find hope even in the hardest of situations .Its not just maintain a positive attitude, but to find strength in a personal relationship with God.His advice to people with similar disabilities and everyone is to understand that they are loved there are no limits on life and goals.image

Exactly this is right, everything is in our power, the choice for change lies in our own hand.

Success is a choice. Is no accident. Its a hard work and perseverance ,learning, studying and sacrifice  and most of all,love of what you are doing.

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Some of my favorite quotes of nick!

It realized me that everything Happpens for a reason .Because God had a better plan, Every downfall side makes u a better,stronger and wiser person.Never Give up there’s God who will guide us and just Believe in ourselves,where human and nobody is perfect!

Believe and Miracle will happen.

Nick Vujicic is an Instrument of God and Eye opener to Everyone.

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