Mother’s Fear

A mother is a woman who gives  birth to a child ,who’s  primary role is raising children. Brings up a child with love, care and affection ,Who looks after everything the protector,the Mentor and the Hero.

Mother always knows best!  I believe on that, and for me My Mom is the Best!,and I know that her greatest fear is that to be away from all her children.

I had A friend mother of two ,from India and she’s having hard time to cope up with her stress and fear .because she’s sending her son for college in India.

I can see in her eyes her action ,the MOTHER’s FEAR!  She’s having tons of questions in her mind that what if’s?….

This is the first time after 15 years she wil be away from her son but I can’t tell her don’t worry ,Coz I know that she’s hurt,anxious and frighten.

Day by day anxiety gets high,and the only thing I can do is support her And let  her understand that it’s for her son’s future.

I can’t imagine myself going tru that pain,letting your son go on his own but we have too let it go,Coz it’s for our children’s future.

Mothers’s Need to let go of their children so they can fly freely and confidently from their nest.

Don’t  let that bomb explode because you can’t let go Of them. Look at the brighter side and the future of your children.

At the end you’ll be thankful .for your children’s achievements and To be proud of their Careers in life. image

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Fear”

  1. This is the true Story of my life .thank you my dear for your love and mental support for me and all the mothers same like you my sweety…

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