Fashion for me is a style that comes from within of a person that you can front it and perfectly comfortable for you. It doesn’t need for you to follow what is trend but what u feel that makes u stand out from anyone!.


Yes I feel Fashionista on my Own way not what is on trend!. Simplicity is being easy and plain! Every woman nor a Young ladies are too obsessed on the trends and having difficulties what to wear because of this trends:

st fashion  for me having this simple stuff for me is Fashion:simple

white T shirt is a trend for any occasion street,casual and even formal! Its the simplicity the Purity the cleanliness and the elegant of the white T  that stands out, don’t let your dress stand out it should be your behavior and your intelligence.jeansBlue Jeans/trousers again very simple clean and it goes with street, casual school/university and  office,no need for ripped jeans nor fashion pants just Plain. and it will never be an old fashion


here’s a plain Flat shoes that you can wear everywhere for men or women.




ELEGANCE is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity of a person.

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