Living Life Fearlessly

Living life fearlessly is what I believe helps me to be a better person Now!

I’ve been 23 years dependent with my family! We’re not rich but Were not poor but I was raised with much of comfort and everything I wanted was been given as fast as I want!

8 years ago, I was so petrified, inexperienced, naive,gangling, inelegant and UN assertive and my excuse was I was young and overseas!

First time I traveled alone,I’ve been thousand miles away from my family, first time to be independent that makes my life change as fast as unexpected as I’m living overseas alone!

Every  year that I’am  not with my family  I’ve Suffered unexpected frustrations,failures, heartaches and difficulties in life but this  helps me to Grow and Mature as a person as years passed by!

I’ve secure myself with my Shield(My intelligence) bullet( My brave heart)!

That’s Why I’m living myself Fearlessly!Now

Lessons from the Past help me stand and believe that I can be stronger and braver than anyone else!

Believe and Do not be frightened if you fall Get up! coz that failure will be remembered as learning’s from the past that makes you Braver person  right Now! 

#fearlessly #independent #believer #fierce


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