Being chicque💅👗👛💄

I consider myself as a chic fashion( chique -stylish) basically I’m into fashion but not necessarily have to wear the latest & hottest looks.

  I loved to wear Dress all the time!

I love to wear what i think it will feel and look good on me, that i can flaunt myself well. i dont need to copy what hollywood fashion style or in the magazine i just wear something ill be comfy look goods on me and fit on my style.
 ” A girl should be two things; Classy & Fabulous” -Coco channel

  My style is very simple not much effort of style and depends on the weather like summer winter fall or spring or depends on my mood as well but i can express myself well in fashion.
   chic fashion for me doesn’t need to be expensive or branded as long as you can carry yourself well,its not in the brand its in our personality that stands what we wear or what we look! for me thats Fashion!

Ladies out there don’t be afraid to experiment from your closets nor spend a lot of money just to buy some fashion and hot clothes, you just have to make or create your own style out of ur old clothes and be happy n comfy on what u wear.Im not sexy nor have the good height n weight but it’s doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy and I have my own style that’s matters to me!

Yes i can really tell im a chique in my own way!

Be stylish on your own!

#fashionismypassion #mystyle #fashionista




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