Art from the heart!

Art for me is a style, a uniqueness of the ideas or creativity . That  pops-up accidentally in your mind that keep the piece different.

Iam not a Photographer nor an Expert but I get to take shot of something different and that blows my mind unexpectedly.

imageThis taken few days ago, when I walk’d in a restaurant and spot something different I wanna share this and I wanna know your thoughts?

This piece makes me think so much!  When I first saw I was like  Wow, this is a CEILING of the restaurant it wasn’t a wall nor a table, and  for me that’s and Art! The uniqueness the creativeness  of the ideas!

imageI enjoy and learned new things and very surprising I ended up liking stuff and appreciates the details of it!

Thats My Art! Be creative, we don’t need to be a photographer or to be an artist, Just be yourself love and appreciate things what’s Infront of you  .no need to compete with the pro photographers just have your own uniqueness and that’s all that matters!

#iphone6+ #iphonephotography #artfromtheheart


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