🇵🇭Presidential Candidates

I’m born and raised in Philippines. And I’ve  never voted any politician ever! But please help me and my fellow countrymen! We’re already known as the most corrupt and poor country but how will we solve this problems of the same families nor same parties will rule out country!

Jejomar Binay– is the current Vice President of the Philippines! His serving my country for 20 years and his under investigations regarding all these allegations of corruptions are being conducted by the Department of Justice,the Philippine Senate and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Rodrigo Duterte-is a Filipino mayor lawyer and politician of Visayas descent! longest serving Mayor in the Philippines.He was dubbed “The Punisher” by time magazine and has been criticized by human right groups my amnesty international for tolerating extrajudicial killings of alleged criminal allegedly by the vigilant Davao death squads!

Miriam Defensor  Santiago– politician,notable for having served in all three branches of the Philippines government-judicial,executive and legislative.The Holy Queen of politics

Grace Poe -educator businesswoman,philanthropist and politician.Questioned her nationality as she was an American citizen and running for Philippine President! She’s inexperienced among the presidential candidates

Mar Roxas- a politician and grandson of former Philippine president Manuel Roxas! A “pet” of President Aquino.Tries hard to get people to like him! Likes to blame others when things don’t go right.

I don’t vote coz I’m overseas but I want change for my country! We were already left behind and poverty in our country is rampant! We need to change and focus on the problems!

I’m a Filipino and still proud Filipino after all!


#PhilippinePresident #change2016 #fightscorruption #fightpoverty



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