Mother’s Fear

A mother is a woman who gives  birth to a child ,who’s  primary role is raising children. Brings up a child with love, care and affection ,Who looks after everything the protector,the Mentor and the Hero.

Mother always knows best!  I believe on that, and for me My Mom is the Best!,and I know that her greatest fear is that to be away from all her children.

I had A friend mother of two ,from India and she’s having hard time to cope up with her stress and fear .because she’s sending her son for college in India.

I can see in her eyes her action ,the MOTHER’s FEAR!  She’s having tons of questions in her mind that what if’s?….

This is the first time after 15 years she wil be away from her son but I can’t tell her don’t worry ,Coz I know that she’s hurt,anxious and frighten.

Day by day anxiety gets high,and the only thing I can do is support her And let  her understand that it’s for her son’s future.

I can’t imagine myself going tru that pain,letting your son go on his own but we have too let it go,Coz it’s for our children’s future.

Mothers’s Need to let go of their children so they can fly freely and confidently from their nest.

Don’t  let that bomb explode because you can’t let go Of them. Look at the brighter side and the future of your children.

At the end you’ll be thankful .for your children’s achievements and To be proud of their Careers in life. image

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Random Days!

My typical day! I love going out on my days off for shopping eating out and chatting with friends. I can be with my friends all day and all night I won’t bother ,just to escape from my work place.

I’m an easy person I can go anywhere, I can eat anything and I love burger so much

I don’t mind if it’s full of calories nor carbs!😜 I just love eating💙!

Live life to the fullest guys don’t mind if your too old or to young to try stuff just be yourself be the kid that you wanted again.

I’m  playful,I’m cool when I’m with friends and family that’s how I am

I live my Life very easy and positive! I know bit childish but it’s Me with no fake and pretentions.

Just enjoy Life and Be Happy that’s all that matters!

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Fashion for me is a style that comes from within of a person that you can front it and perfectly comfortable for you. It doesn’t need for you to follow what is trend but what u feel that makes u stand out from anyone!.


Yes I feel Fashionista on my Own way not what is on trend!. Simplicity is being easy and plain! Every woman nor a Young ladies are too obsessed on the trends and having difficulties what to wear because of this trends:

st fashion  for me having this simple stuff for me is Fashion:simple

white T shirt is a trend for any occasion street,casual and even formal! Its the simplicity the Purity the cleanliness and the elegant of the white T  that stands out, don’t let your dress stand out it should be your behavior and your intelligence.jeansBlue Jeans/trousers again very simple clean and it goes with street, casual school/university and  office,no need for ripped jeans nor fashion pants just Plain. and it will never be an old fashion


here’s a plain Flat shoes that you can wear everywhere for men or women.




ELEGANCE is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity of a person.

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Art from the heart!

Art for me is a style, a uniqueness of the ideas or creativity . That  pops-up accidentally in your mind that keep the piece different.

Iam not a Photographer nor an Expert but I get to take shot of something different and that blows my mind unexpectedly.

imageThis taken few days ago, when I walk’d in a restaurant and spot something different I wanna share this and I wanna know your thoughts?

This piece makes me think so much!  When I first saw I was like  Wow, this is a CEILING of the restaurant it wasn’t a wall nor a table, and  for me that’s and Art! The uniqueness the creativeness  of the ideas!

imageI enjoy and learned new things and very surprising I ended up liking stuff and appreciates the details of it!

Thats My Art! Be creative, we don’t need to be a photographer or to be an artist, Just be yourself love and appreciate things what’s Infront of you  .no need to compete with the pro photographers just have your own uniqueness and that’s all that matters!

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Living Life Fearlessly

Living life fearlessly is what I believe helps me to be a better person Now!

I’ve been 23 years dependent with my family! We’re not rich but Were not poor but I was raised with much of comfort and everything I wanted was been given as fast as I want!

8 years ago, I was so petrified, inexperienced, naive,gangling, inelegant and UN assertive and my excuse was I was young and overseas!

First time I traveled alone,I’ve been thousand miles away from my family, first time to be independent that makes my life change as fast as unexpected as I’m living overseas alone!

Every  year that I’am  not with my family  I’ve Suffered unexpected frustrations,failures, heartaches and difficulties in life but this  helps me to Grow and Mature as a person as years passed by!

I’ve secure myself with my Shield(My intelligence) bullet( My brave heart)!

That’s Why I’m living myself Fearlessly!Now

Lessons from the Past help me stand and believe that I can be stronger and braver than anyone else!

Believe and Do not be frightened if you fall Get up! coz that failure will be remembered as learning’s from the past that makes you Braver person  right Now! 

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🇵🇭Presidential Candidates

I’m born and raised in Philippines. And I’ve  never voted any politician ever! But please help me and my fellow countrymen! We’re already known as the most corrupt and poor country but how will we solve this problems of the same families nor same parties will rule out country!

Jejomar Binay– is the current Vice President of the Philippines! His serving my country for 20 years and his under investigations regarding all these allegations of corruptions are being conducted by the Department of Justice,the Philippine Senate and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Rodrigo Duterte-is a Filipino mayor lawyer and politician of Visayas descent! longest serving Mayor in the Philippines.He was dubbed “The Punisher” by time magazine and has been criticized by human right groups my amnesty international for tolerating extrajudicial killings of alleged criminal allegedly by the vigilant Davao death squads!

Miriam Defensor  Santiago– politician,notable for having served in all three branches of the Philippines government-judicial,executive and legislative.The Holy Queen of politics

Grace Poe -educator businesswoman,philanthropist and politician.Questioned her nationality as she was an American citizen and running for Philippine President! She’s inexperienced among the presidential candidates

Mar Roxas- a politician and grandson of former Philippine president Manuel Roxas! A “pet” of President Aquino.Tries hard to get people to like him! Likes to blame others when things don’t go right.

I don’t vote coz I’m overseas but I want change for my country! We were already left behind and poverty in our country is rampant! We need to change and focus on the problems!

I’m a Filipino and still proud Filipino after all!


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Being chicque💅👗👛💄

I consider myself as a chic fashion( chique -stylish) basically I’m into fashion but not necessarily have to wear the latest & hottest looks.

  I loved to wear Dress all the time!

I love to wear what i think it will feel and look good on me, that i can flaunt myself well. i dont need to copy what hollywood fashion style or in the magazine i just wear something ill be comfy look goods on me and fit on my style.
 ” A girl should be two things; Classy & Fabulous” -Coco channel

  My style is very simple not much effort of style and depends on the weather like summer winter fall or spring or depends on my mood as well but i can express myself well in fashion.
   chic fashion for me doesn’t need to be expensive or branded as long as you can carry yourself well,its not in the brand its in our personality that stands what we wear or what we look! for me thats Fashion!

Ladies out there don’t be afraid to experiment from your closets nor spend a lot of money just to buy some fashion and hot clothes, you just have to make or create your own style out of ur old clothes and be happy n comfy on what u wear.Im not sexy nor have the good height n weight but it’s doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy and I have my own style that’s matters to me!

Yes i can really tell im a chique in my own way!

Be stylish on your own!

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